About us

Our English courses

Our English course(s) are full-time face to face 20 hours per week timetabled Monday to Thursday with university-qualified teachers. Students with Australian student visas can enrol in these course(s). Classes are small which enables you to receive personal attention and special support. Extra study opportunities are also available using our self-study facilities, including books at a variety of English levels, worksheets, and computer facilities with suggestions for practice. Your teacher will also give you homework relevant to your learning needs, so that you can maximise the benefits of your study time.

At Bayside International College, we believe that the best way to learn is by doing. In other words, to learn to speak a language well, you need to practise a lot of speaking! The best way to improve your listening skills in English is to do lots of listening! Classes will have a very practical focus. Your teacher may also take you out of class from time to time, so that you can practise using English in real situations in the real world.

Each level has a text book and the small cost is shown on the Enrolment Application Form. In addition, teachers will also use other quality materials and learning activities. This will make sure that your classes meet YOUR needs.

Our course levels have approximately an equal balance between speaking, reading, writing and listening. Of course, we also teach you vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation to help you with the other skills.

Our core course is Foundation English. It is like General English and gives you the foundations for communicating English in everyday-life situations. We have 2 levels:

Foundation English 1

  • Beginner - 12 weeks
  • Pre-Intermediate - 10 weeks

up to 25 weeks

Foundation English 2

  • Intermediate - 10 weeks
  • Upper Intermediate - 10 weeks
  • Advanced - 10 weeks

up to 35 weeks

The complete Foundation English course is 60 weeks long and is perfect for people who want to improve their English in a general way such as:

  • making friends with people from other countries
  • experiencing the culture of Australia
  • watching English-language films and so on.

It is also very useful for people who are not sure where they will use English in the future. It is a fun and lively course, very focused on everyday language.

It is important to note that most students study Foundation English or General English before moving to English for Academic Purposes (EAP) or for IELTS Exam Preparation. This helps ensure that their English is at the right level for EAP or IELTS Exam Preparation.

Please ask our friendly staff for more information if you need it!

Class times

Classes run from 9:00am to 3:00pm Monday to Thursday including breaks, for a total of 20 face to face classroom hours each week.

In addition, self-study facilities are available outside the hours of your class. Please note: not all classes run in each shift, and you may have to change shifts to move into a class that is appropriate for you.

The college is open from 8:45am to 5:00pm Monday to Friday.

Our teachers

At Bayside International College, we employ only very high quality teachers. All are fully qualified to teach English to adult overseas students; all have a university degree. Our teachers will focus on teaching you in an effective way. They will aim to make lessons interesting and fun, which will help you to learn from them.

Bayside International College also has a strong professional development program for its teachers. This makes sure that your teachers fully understand modern, effective ways to teach English and that they stay up to date.