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Staff Code of Conduct

  • The personal and professional behavior of ACHBM College employees should conform to standards that could reasonably be expected of their positions. This includes:

  • -  Performing duties according to ACHBM College’s mission, values, priorities and objectives;
  • -  Responding students within the expected time frame;
  • -  A commitment to perform compliance with professionalism, due care, skill, fairness and diligence;
  • -  Engaging in conduct which is professional and which has regard to ACHBM College’s interests and policies;
  • -  Treating students, staff, employees or visitors of the college with respect;
  • -  When presenting a professional judgment on a colleague or a student, fairness and transparency should be carried out and no misconduct are tolerated;
  • -  Follow any lawful and reasonable direction made by the ACHBM College.

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