Bayside International College

Certificate IV in Hospitality

Course Overview

The Diploma of Hospitality Management would apply to individuals, who want sound knowledge of industry operations and a broad range of managerial skills to coordinate hospitality operations. They operate independently, have responsibility for others and make a range of operational business decisions. This qualification provides a pathway to work in any sector of the hospitality industry as a departmental or small business manager. Information on this qualification can be obtained from the Department of Education and Training website:

Course Structure

This course requires the completion of 21 Subject units (9 Cores PLUS 12 Electives)

SITXHRM008 (Core) Roster Staff
SITXHRM007 (Core) Coach Others in Job Skills
SITHIND008 (Core) Work Effectively in Hospitality Service
SITXHRM009 (Core) Lead and Manage People
SITXCCS015 (Core) Enhance Customer Service Experiences
SITXMGT004 (Core) Monitor Work Operations
SITXCOM010 (Core) Manage Conflict
SITXWHS007 (Core) Implement and Monitor Work Health and Safety Practices
SITXFIN009 (Core) Manage Finances Within a Budget
SITXFSA005 (Elective) Use hygienic practices for food safety
SITXCCS012 (Elective) Provide lost and found services
SITXFSA006 (Elective) Participate in safe food handling practices
SITTTVL004 (Elective) Sell tourism products and services
SITTTVL001 (Elective) Access and interpret product information
SITEEVT020 (Elective) Source and use information on the Events Industry
SITHACS009 (Elective) Clean premises and equipment
SITEEVT023 (Elective) Plan in-house events
SITXCCS010 (Elective) Provide Visitor Information
SITXINV007 (Elective) Purchase Goods
SITXINV008 (Elective) Control stock
SITHIND006 (Elective) Source and use information for the Hospitality Industry

Note: Elective units may vary based on industry suggestions. Please check with the college before you enrol.


Bayside International College’s clients are predominantly international students. This course is suitable for:

  • Predominantly international students; multi-cultural groups
  • Student progressing from BIC’s certificate level courses
  • Mature-age students: Various age groups
  • Those who have limited work experience in the field (relevant to international students working in student jobs)
  • Limited access to workplace experience in Australia (e.g. casual or temporary workers – student jobs)
  • Career and further education aspirations. This qualification provides a pathway to work as a commercial cook in organisation
  • Develop the skills and competencies required to work in a managerial role within the hospitality sector
  • Develop the required skills to effectively operate in a hospitality management area and gain knowledge in a range of management functions within the hospitality sector
  • Develop knowledge of management and the hospitality industry
  • Train under highly qualified trainers and assessors who have real-life professional experience
  • Participate in simulated team and individual activities that reflect real-life contexts and practices
  • Acquire a nationally-recognised qualification
  • Potential higher education pathway opportunities
  • Assisting the students to enhance their professional skills in hospitality administration and operational support
  • Developing skills and knowledge essential for managing hospitality operations and providing supervision/assistance
  • Working with and managing teams and providing leadership
  • Providing a pathway to further qualifications and learning

On successful completion of this course, students will be awarded an AQF (Australian Qualifications Framework) certification
SIT40422 Certificate IV in Hospitality.

Any visa which allows you to study in Australia – including student visa, working holiday visa and tourist visa.

Tuition Fee: $18,000
Application Fees: $200 *Non-Refunable
Material Fees: $100 per term

Entry Requirements

  • Minimum age of entry is 18 years old
  • Pre-Training analysis might be required
  • IELTS 5.5 or higher with a minimum score of 5.0 in each band OR
  • Successful completion of General English (Upper
    Intermediate Level) at Bayside International College English or at other approved providers.

Career Opportunities

After successful completion of this qualification you could obtain positions such as:

  • Assistant Manager (Hospitality)
  • Front Desk Supervisor or Team Leader
  • Bar Supervisor or Team Leader
  • Duty Manager
  • Assistant Tour Manager / Coordinator


80 weeks with 60 weeks delivery (6 terms)

Campus Locations