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Welcome to BIC!

Bayside International College welcomes a wide variety of individuals from across the globe. This allows students from all around the world to exchange their beliefs and knowledge to each other, creating a positive multi-cultural learning environment.

Our current International Student Demographics includes:Japanese, Chileans, Chinese plus American, Filipino, Taiwanese, Russian, Colombian Armenian, Ghanaian, Argentinian, Estonian, Nepalese and Ukrainian.

We have diverse and multilingual staff from a number of countries, including Australia, China, Japan, Colombia, India, Italy, Vietnam, Philippines and Nepal. Our friendly and experienced staff assures each and individual student has the opportunity in discovering their own potential to maximise their achievements.

Airport Pick-up We offer an Airport Pick Up Service to help with your arrival in Australia. An AIH staff will meet you at the airport, take you to your accommodation, and provide help and advices to assistance on request.

You need a student visa if you wish to study in Australia for over 3 months. If your intended stay in Australia is 3 months or less you may apply for a short stay visa. For periods of study greater than 3 months a Student (Temporary) Visa is required by non-Australian residents and is granted only if they enroll in a registered, full-time course in Australia. All courses for international students, and the Australian education and training institutions that offer them, must be registered with the Australian Government. Generally, an international student is issued with a multiple entry visa for the duration of their study course in Australia. This allows you to travel back and forth to Australia within the period for which it has been granted. Members of your immediate family (spouse and unmarried dependent children under 18 years of age) may accompany you to Australia and will be considered in the same visa class as yourself. If you wish to extend your stay in Australia for further study you will need to lodge an application for a further visa.

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How do intending students apply for admission in the college?

Students need to first complete and lodge college’s relevant Application Form along with the required documents that satisfy course entry requirements. A pre-enrolment self-assessment may also be required.
Prospective students may also apply through our approved Education Agent for an admission in their desired course(s).
The courses can also be packaged to offer an academic pathway for students looking for a specific educational outcome.

How does the college formalist the enrolment?

Once an application is received with the relevant documents, the college determines if the applicant meets the entry requirements in the intended courses; and the candidate self-assessment reflects course suitability.
Once all the enrolment conditions have been met, the college extends an offer letter to applicant along with a copy of Student Agreement. This agreement aims to ensure the obligations and rights of both the registered provider and student are clearly set out, including the course money payable and services to be provided (The National Code 2018: Standard 3).

What is the Tuition Fee?

Tuition fees are fees we receive, directly or indirectly, from an overseas student or intending overseas student, or another person who pays the fees on behalf of an overseas student or intending overseas student that are directly related to the provision of a course that Bayside International College English is providing, or offering to provide, to the student.
Tuition fees are clearly shown against each course of study in Bayside International College English’s Offer Letter as well as Student Agreement.

What other types of fees may be charged along with the tuition fees?

Other types of fees may include:

  • Application Fee
  • Materials Fee
  • RPL Fee
  • Reassessment Fee
  • Late Fee

The college includes all the applicable fees for a student in the Student Agreement. Any fee type that is not included in the Student Agreement is not charged.

Are the fees refundable?

The only refundable fees are the tuition fees. Fee refunds will be based on unexpended (unused) tuition fees. Students should refer to college’s Fee Refund Policy for detailed information and refund conditions prior to making a payment.

What types of assessments does a unit contain?

Depending on the course, a unit may contain written and practical tasks, case study, projects, presentations, tests, and exams. Some in-class activities may also contribute towards assessment in form of a portfolio.

What is a suspension of studies?

Suspension of studies is a temporary postponement of an undertaken course of study. It may occur at any time during an academic term or a study period.

Can the college suspend or cancel a student’s enrolment?

The college may suspend or cancel a student enrolment on certain grounds including:

  • Breach of Student Agreement conditions
  • Breach of Student Code of Conduct or due to any disciplinary reasons where the student’s offence is clearly established and the appeal process has been exhausted
  • Non-payment of tuition fees
  • Non-commencement of studies while on-shore and absence for a period of 28 days or longer without prior approval from the college
  • Unsatisfactory course progress
  • Student misbehaviour